Entry #1

I'm opening commissions publically....again. but not now maybe.

2015-04-02 18:20:21 by tjdubstepz

Hey guys,

I've recently reopened commissions after being frustrated with school. But not know maybe. if i do I'll make a news post tomorrow. I not really willing to open commissions iimmediately because I'm going on spring break looking at film locations from Clerks 1-2, Friday the 13th, Halloween, The Toxic Avenger, mallrats etc for inspiration for my movie coming soon, but I'll maybe talk about that later, also i got music and covers to do for my virtual thrash metal band. so yeah. LOLOLOL. so yeah.

Commission rules

1. NSFW art is acceptable, but try to only request pin-ups

2. I only do SFM Posters and Digital art (Photoshop) currently, I wont do music, i like making my own music.

3. lastly, to send me payment send it to my paypal (tjdubstepz@gmail.com), reddit gold (when i make a commission thread on a my subreddit www.reddit.com/r/tjdubstepz i'm http://www.reddit.com/user/tjdubstepz), and deviantart points http://tjdubstepz.deviantart.com/?givepoints

See you mutant maggots later,



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